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SMLunch has always been about bringing people together who would otherwise only connect online through social media. We all know putting a face to the Twitter handle is a powerful step in building strong relationships (and friendships!) that lead to endless professional possibilities. We at The Fearey Group also proudly support local businesses that are taking social media to a whole new level and enjoy introducing them to some of Seattle’s most creative and energetic social media enthusiasts.

This October we are SO excited to partner with our friends and master chefs at Hot Stove Society! If you haven’t heard of them, now’s your chance to roll up your sleeves, conjure up your inner chef and see firsthand what the folks at Hot Stove Society are doing to make culinary dreams come true. Attendees will have the chance to view a live cooking demo and then break out into hands on activity whipping up their very own edible creations.

This is an event not to be missed so spread the word, bring a friend and come hungry – we hope to see you there!

About Hot Stove Society

Hot Stove Society is a year-round cooking school operated by Tom Douglas Restaurants. Their goal is to offer a curriculum that ranges widely from light-hearted and sociable to skill-building and challenging.  Classes are about many things from how to cut up a chicken, to how to build a delicious cocktail, to finding out who’s the hottest chef in Portland.  Whether you’re seeking something fun and boozy after work or you’re aspiring to “cook like a pro,” you’ll find your dream class here.

Hot Stove Society is a personal quest to educate everyone who has the desire to become a better cook – whether they want to learn how to brew a perfect cup of coffee or butcher a whole pig.

Hot Stove Society is located in a bright industrial space inside the stylish Hotel Andra. The presentation area boasts a wide curved prep area where guests can gather for lectures and get up close to the instructor. The other half of the room is filled with Boos work tables, a large bank of KitchenAid stoves, and racks of equipment.  Capacity is 32 for a hands-on cooking class and over 60 for lectures. The classroom is also available for private events and company team building.  At the entrance to Hot Stove, a Tom Douglas Restaurant called the Andra Bar, a cool Swedish bar open to the public, is the place for a drink and a snack.