The SMLunch theory is that you should never eat lunch alone. Why? Well, you just never know what things you can do or discuss that can change the world during lunch. This theory combined with a Tweet that @JJtweets, @CityofRenton, @SeattleBlank and @BMW shared in November 2009 is how SMLunch started.

In January 2010, about 30 of us met up at Five Guys in Renton for a social networking lunch. In March 2010, about 30 of us met up at Seastar at 2200 Westlake in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood. In June 2010, about 75 of us met up at the Fairmont Olympic’s Georgian restaurant. In November 2010, about 75 of us met up at the Coho Cafe in Issaquah. In February 2011, about 100 met up at Rays as well as Mistral Kitchen. And now we’re heading back to South Lake Union for lunch at Flying Fish. It is a smaller, more intimate spot that holds about 40 of us. For that reason, we’re going to reserve spaces ahead of time and take care of payment when you confirm. This way we reserve everyone’s seat at the luncheon.

There is no formal program. It is straight up personal with a ton of networking opportunities! During the lunch, we call out a couple people for some free plugs and networking – other than that we want you to network. Bring business cards.

Lunch is generally between $15 and $30. Sometimes lunch is hosted or sponsored. If you are interested in hosting or sponsoring, email us at