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Happy Hump Day everyone! We are T-Minus two weeks until the October SMLunch event and already 64 of you have purchased your tickets. This means there are still 6 tickets left so be sure to let your friends know there’s still a chance to attend.

We have been busy working with the folks at Allrecipes to brew up some amazing surprises for you all. Here’s just a taste in to what you’ll be experiencing:

We are SO excited to welcome back an SMLunch veteran and past-Emcee, Tracy Taylor from KING5 TV! She will be our lovely host for the day so be sure to tweet at her to let her know you can’t wait to meet her there – @King5TracyT

The culinary geniuses at Whole Foods Market have graciously sponsored lunch and will be providing a variety of goodies that will be sure to please your tastebuds!

Do you like giveaways!? How about a chance to win gift cards to Whole Foods Market, cooking gadgets and more goodies from Allrecipes!? You will get your chance!

And to top it all off, since Allrecipes is ridiculously excited to host you all, they will be gifting each attendee something  to take home!

We look forward to seeing you all there on Tuesday, October 29th at noon! For more information, be sure to visit:



Not sure what it is about Fall, but it sure makes us hungry. We’ve been craving warm and hearty comfort food and longing for a heaping side dish of networking too!

That’s why we are excited to announce the hosts of October’s SMLunch. As the world’s largest digital food brand, they really need no introduction. Allrecipes averages more than 30 million unique visitors each month and has been posting double-digit growth for the past seven years.

The digital prowess of Allrecipes goes beyond just uploading and sharing a recipe. Their 7+ million registered users are swapping tips and tricks about life in the kitchen, engaging in community conversations through their Buzz network, and sharing out photos and blog posts relating to the food world. Now this is a company you want to have at your dinner party….

But since this is lunch, let’s be their guests at their downtown Seattle offices and get social!

Tickets went on sale TODAY to be sure to visit Eventbrite to get yours! Oh, and tell your friends!