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Due to the large waiting list and additional requests, we’re hosting one more Social Media Lunch in Seattle on Monday, February 28. Lunch may be sponsored but you will not know unless you RSVP and attend. For more information or to RSVP click here.

My theory is that you should never eat lunch alone. Why? Well, you just never know what things you can do or discuss that can change the world during lunch. This theory combined with a Tweet that @JJtweets, @CityofRenton and @BMW shared with me last November is how started. In January about 30 of us met up at Five Guys in Renton for a social networking lunch. In March about 30 of us met up at Seastar at 2200 Westlake in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood. The next social media lunch meetup is now scheduled for Wednesday, June 23rd at noon.

And we’re lunching it with @FairmontOlympic. Why there? Well Heather Fernandez, the gal behind the Fairmont’s Twitter handle, is doing a fantastic job and we had lunch last month to talk about this idea. And did you know that The Georgian (the restaurant in the hotel where we’ll meet up) has an Express Lunch for $15?!?!?! High class gourmet food for only $15 and it includes soup, salad, sandwich and dessert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Four courses for $15!?!?! AND…for our lunch… they’ll comp your VALET PARKING!!

Who is in?
I know that @SeattleBlank and @fairmontolympic are in for sure!

If you are in, send me a Tweet @SeattleBlank to hold your spot. I’ll list Tweeter RSVPs below.

RSVPs to date:
@AlexPietsch (aka @CityofRenton)
@Ed Boyle

How this started? In November I responded to a tweet about Five Guys in Renton, Wash. Several minutes later, @JJTweets & @BMW responded saying they love Five Guys. A minute later, @CityofRenton responded and suggested he’d meet us for lunch. The power of Social Media Lunch was discovered. Everyone eats lunch. Someone once told me to never eat lunch alone. Lunch is a time to network and meet others. And here we are. The first Social Media Lunch is scheduled for Friday, January 22 at Five Guys in Renton. Meet at noon at the fireplace outside the movie theater (adjacent to Five Guys). Other confirmed attendees include: @JessEstrada, @LukeDoyle@sarahhaeger, @DrewSymonds. If you are in, send me a Tweet @SeattleBlank. Also I just invited @PeteCarroll of @SeahawksSpin – hope he can join us. 🙂 If he does, you can win @CityofRenton’s prize #PeteInRenton

UPDATED: Latest attendees: @rentonhistory, @geekgiant, @windowsphone, @seattlelora, @paulbalcerak, @michaeltwu, @sethlong, @terrinakamura, @RentonReporter, @Celestegracey